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Throughout the years I have tried my best to start some of my owns Businesses...Some were successful and others were not......

Chapman & Co.-
  Chapman & Co. was started fairly recently in the summer of 2002 as a way of handling the growing semand in the public relations department of the Musha Media Corporation.  I have now merged all of the companies I have started together in order to simplfy things and as a way of running the businesses more smoothly.  It became to difficult to run all of the subsidiaries and so you now have the new Chapman & Co. which will not only handle Public Relations but will also handle the jobs that all of the subsidiaries performed through it's various new departments....for example....if you needed web design done for your company Chapman & Co. will perform the service but from within our own company through our Web Site Design and Development Department.  MORE WILL BE ADDED LATER!
Musha Media Corporation-
  Musha Media was formed as an idea a few years ago while I was in high school studying Computer Graphics, then just this year I made it a reality when I combined it with my Private Venture Capital Firm Monarch Capital Ventures which gathers funds for various internet start-ups.  Musha provides clients with advertising and marketing strategies targeting the "Internet Generation" as well as with web design, development, logo design, and various other media services.  The company focuses primarily on the Internet and specifically targets the "Internet Generation" where the ages range from about 12-27 (approx.).  Musha Media/Monarch has achieved moderate success in the past two years with more success stories to come.
Monarch Capital Ventures-
  Monarch Capital was started in 2000 with the idea of helping some of my friends get their ideas off the ground and onto the the time I used some of my own funds to help fund some of the private ventures and it was basically a hit and miss process.....all in all it was fun, however, never do business with friends because you will almost never recieve a full return on your investments....but, it is okay because I believe that Monarch was a learning process for me and my ever growing list of entrepreneurial endeavors and I had some success with Monarch so I can not say it was all bad.... I have since merged Monarch Capital with Big Bull Media to form Musha Media Corporation.
Big Bull Media-
  I have never really had any real success with Big Bull Media...I first started Big Bull Media as USA Print Haus when I lived in Elmont, New York and while there I provided various printing services which inlcuded: business cards, stationary, cd covers, cassette jackets, reports typed for students and friends, etc., when I moved upstate to Brewster I changed the name to Big Bull Media as I began to incorporate web design & development, internet consulting services, logo design, magazine & ad layout, and much more.  Big Bull never really had the full success that I envisioned for it but it was a chance that I felt I had to take and I had nothing to lose...I was operating out of my house in my spare time away from school and I had moderate success....I have since merged Big Bull Media with Monarch Capital Ventures to form Musha Media Corporation.
Team iWarp Racing (
TeamiWarp Racing was an offshoot of the original TeamiWarp (an online gaming community).  TeamiWR as it was dubbed was going to be an all-inclusive car club, different from the other car clubs out on the street which often mposed strict rules upon their members.  TeamiWR sought to change all of that.  TeamiWR initially enjoyed some brief success with about 25 members (including 5 from out of New York State), however, members began to drop like flies after the Summer of 2002 and the club was down to about 10 members by September of 2002.  Michael, who was running the club at the time decided to hand the reins over to the Head of the original Team iWarp =Gumby=.  In October of 2002 Team iWarp had full control of Team iWarp Racing and Michael severed his ties with it.  Michael says that he is proud of the brief success that he had with it because he sais that he knew going into it that it might not last that long.
Gotham Free Press (2000-2001)- Gotham Free Press or GFP was started as an alternative to the 'Corporate News" outlets that had become apparently prominent in American life over the past decade or so.  GFP enjoyed brief success before dying off in early of 2001.  GFP had only a one-man staff, once again, Michael could not find the time to constantly update the site by himself while contributing all of the stories and commentary, and work, and go to school at the same time, and so something had to give and unfortunately it had to be The GFP. (Fall 2002-Present)- Raging Elephant was started to bring Conservative News, Politics, Commentary, and Entertainment to the masses.  It also intends to change the perspective that people have about Conservatives and Republicans. has a wide array of news services, links, and commetary that would  put most other news organizations to shame!
GenYRepublicans (Fall 2002)- Started in Fall of 2002 as an affiliate of, the GenYRepublicans are intent on spreading the policies, and politics of the Republicans and Conservatives to a new generation anf that is the so-called Internet Generation, particularily those that are in college.  Many within the organization feel that Republicans get a bum wrap on College Campuses across the nation and this organization is intent on changing the false perspectives that are put out there by the liberal media and the liberal indoctrinating of college professors.  The Conservative voice is often stiffled on college campuses and The GenYRepublicans are here to make sure that Republicans get equal and ample opportunity.

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