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Some of it is not the greatest but here you go:

Over the years I have made attempts to write different things, from poetry and short stories in High School, to my more serious Political Commentary in college.  I have gathered some of them and decided to post them here.  Hopefully you will enjoy some of them.  I know the poetry might not be that great, I was never really any good at it, but I made an attempt at it and these are a few of the works that managed to survive my shredder somehow:
"There is Only One Me" by Michael Chapman
Michael, Michael, he's so pretty
and also extremely witty.
Michael, Michael, he's so fine
why, oh why, can't he be mine.
Michael, Michael, has big muscles
some people think he was born in Brussels.
He puts so much gel in his hair
He always has the best clothes to wear.
He is as cuddly as a bear
I don't know why I am telling you this, why do you care?
Sometimes I think I am King
But I awaken with a sharp sting.
Happy, Happy, I want to cry
It's a shame you are not as beautiful as I.
*There is a little background to this story, while I was attempting at humor in the poem, this was actually an assignment for my 10th Grade English class.  In high school I had a tendency to slack off and I did not do the assignment.  So I ended up writing this in my Italian class, 20 minutes before the English class was to begin and I still got a B! Just think of what my grades would have been like in high school if I had actually put real effort into my work!
"Blue Skies" for Columbine H.S. by Michael Chapman
Blue, that is the color of the sky above,
we all long to reunite with the ones we love.
There is no where to run, nowhere to hide from
these cowards who took them in the night.
We didn't get a chance to say goodbye,
all we can do is cry.
The one's we love are in a better place,
and now for a greater challenge we do face.
We need to stop the violence
and look towards a more peaceful silence.
When times are tough look towards the skies above
and remember the ones you love.
*I also wrote this is High School after the Columbine disaster.  I had intended to send it but I put it away somewhere and I neversent it.  Only now am I finding some of my writing and putting it up for people to see.....for a long time my writing was for me and me alone, much of what I have written over the years I have destroyed, which I now regret.....I was always embarrased by my writing for some reason.  I guess because its not the greatest poetry or stories to be written but I realized that I have made the atempt at least to write while others have not and that is nothing to be embarrased about!
"For my Love" by Michael Chapman
I searched far,
I searched wide,
before I saw the girl of my dreams
right in front of my eyes.
I looked to the East,
I looked to the West,
but only you were the one
who knew my heart the best.
I think of you everyday
but, when I want to write to you
I never know what to say.
You are my cutie,
my sweetiepie,
no one else knows how we feel except
for you or I.
I missed you now,
I missed you then,
till the day I return
I do not know when.
I will see you soon,
I don't know when,
but until I do
my love will remain forever true to you.
*I wrote this as I was graduating High School and heading to college and I wrote it for my ex-girlfriend Marie.  I had stopped writing poetry by the time I had started dating Marie, however, she opened the doors to my writing again....but since our break up about 2 years I ago I have not wrote poetry since.
Coming Soon will be Short Stories, and College Writings (If I can find any)

Copyright Michael Chapman 2003