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What do I look for In a Woman?


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What do I look for In a Woman?
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Well I have been told I am too picky but here goes.....

Hmmm....What do I look for in a woman?  Well obviously a girl that is not too bad on the eyes is always good.  I mean not to be superficial or to offend anyone but we all want someone who is at least somewhat attractive (at least to our own specifications...I mean what I might find attractive someone else might not).  Well, let's see what else do I look can't just have looks...some people might like the idea of having a "trophy" but, that doesn't work for me....I like my women to have a brain.  My ideal woman would be a girl around my own height which is 5'7" (sorry ladies I know you like the tall guys but us Italian guys for some reason or another stop growing once we reach a height of about 5'7"...LOL).  I also like girls with a tan or olive skin tone, who are not too skinny and are not overweight either (I am a fairly athletic individual and I am into Health & Fitness so a girl that fits into that category helps as well).  Like I said I like women who are intelligent and can carry a conversation.  I like women who like to have fun but who also like to spend time at Broadway Plays and Museums!  I guess you can say I am looking for a well rounded person:
Funny & Outgoing
Good Personality
Athletic (In shape)
Getting back to the beauty part....I really appreciate a woman who looks just as good without make-up as she does with it!  I like a woman who can walk into the coffee shop in sweats and no make-up yet she still turns the heads of all the guys around and if she is intelligent, and has a great personality then all I can say is WOW!!  I don't know if my "ideal" woman is out there...I like to think she is, sometimes I tend to over philosophize things when I should really just get out there and try and find her, however, many  have advised me not to do this and to let that special someone come to me. Well, so far the results are inconclusive, after many dates, and blind dates I am beggining to doubt myself (which is something I rarely do....I try to remain positive).  It is hard when you see many of your friends and family settling down....cause you look at that and you want it to....however, I realize that I am still young at 19 and I have my whole life ahead of me but, it doesn't hurt to have a special someone who you can share things and experiences with.  Well in short that is what I am looking for but, In the end I might end up with someone who is the total opposite of what I am looking for....why you ask?...Well, no one has really been able to figure that out yet...could it be that opposites really attract?  I don't know about that but, I would like to think that It comes down to a little more than opposites it fate, destiny, soul mate, whatever you will....I do know that there is a special person meant for everyone....whether they meet and get together or not is another mother (of course I am a momma's boy) would kill me if the girl wasn't Italian but, I am a little bit more liberal when it comes to things like this....If you asked me what would the ideal nationality be for my "Ideal" woman then I would have to say yes, Italian is definately a preference although I personally am not limited to this....I have dated Jewish girls (another favorite of mine), Irish, and Puerto Rican....I have dated girls of other nationalities as well so I guess you can call me an EOD...Equal Opportunity Dater! LOL....Until Then......

Copyright 2002 Michael A. Chapman