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Possible Theories or solutions to Age old questions/mysteries of Ancient Civilizations (Continued)

More Questions:
Recently, a discovery was made of the coast of Cuba, where an ancient city was found beneath the water....could this be Atlantis?
While scanning the bottom of the waters near Cuba, a company called Advanced Digital Communications (Canada), found what appears to be an ancient civilization beneath about 2,100 feet of water.  It is laid out like an urban area, and it could have been built at least 6,000 years ago.  This would mean that it could be about 1,500 years earlier than the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Egypt (if you even believe that the dates of those structures are accurate).  Beneath the water, their appears to be pyramids, roads and buildings, and ADC has confirmed that there is a presense of huge, smooth, cut granit-like blocks on perpendicular, and circular formations, as well as some in pyramid shapes.  They also say that while the structures may just be part of a natural formation of the landscape, it is probably highly unlikely that such a formation, could be natural, so therefore it is more than likely man made.  They now also know that at one time Cuba was connected to mainland Latin America via a straight of land from the Yucatan Peninsula.  ADC and others believe that this civilization was populated by an advanced civilization similar tothat of the early Teotihuacan culture of the Yucatan.  We also know that the ancient Maya and the Yucatecos tell of an island inhabited bytheir ancestors that vanished beneath the waves.....could this be the island of their ancestors....maybe.....could this be the fabled lost civilization of Atlantis.....maybe....I believe that it is part of an ancient, advanced, lost civilization, I obviously can not say for sure yet if I believe it to be Atlantis or not, however, only time will tell, as they continue to investigate this new, and extrodinary find!
What about the Canary Islands.....more specifically Tenerife?
Well, recently thanks to Thor Heyerdhal (1914-2002), the Pyramids of Guimar were discovered on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.  They were saved thanks to Dr. Heyerdhal, because the locals thought that they were nothing more than mounds of rocks!!!  However, they were discovered to be step-pyramids similar to that of the ones that were built in Mexico, Peru, and ancient Mesopotamia.  Because the discovery was only made a few years ago, not too much is known about them, however, Dr. Heyerdhal and others involved in the project  believe that these pyramids were built by pre-European voyagers who may have explored the Atlantic in ancient times, and may even be the link between the pre-Columbian civilizations in the Americas. 
Among the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands  were many fair-haired and bearded (could his be where Kukulcan came from?), and they were probably related to the Berbers who inhabited areas of North Africa before the Arab conquest.  Is it possible that long before the 15th century, people of the same stock as those who settled the Canary Islands also sailed the same route along the Canary Current that Columbus took to the Americas? Columbus' starting off point was the Canaries, where his ships got supplies and water on Gomera, the island next to Tenerife. The Guanches on Tenerife in 1492 did not permit Columbus or any other Europeans to land on their island. They were not impressed by the physical appearance of the bearded Europeans, who looked like the Guanches themselves. But when Columbus and the Europeans who followed in his wake landed in the New World they were welcomed and initially worshipped as gods, since the beardless Indians they encountered believed that the Spanish belonged to the same people as the legendary founders of their civilization, bearded men from across the Atlantic Ocean.
Much of this can be found here:
Similarities between Ancient Civilizations:
Pyramid, Temple, Ziggurat Builders-
Guache (Tenerife, Canary Islands)
Pyramids of Xian, China (Largest Pyramid in the world!)
Angkor Wat
Greece (Hellicon)
Bagrawiya, Sudan
Mississippi, USA???? (mounds)
Cahokia, Illinois, USA???? (mounds)
Megalithic Structures Similar in Orientations and Usage-
Stonehenge, England
Axum, Ethiopia
Sarawak, Borneo
Pohnpei Island, Micronesia (city of Nan Madol)
Yonaguni-Jima, Japan
Easter Island
Art of Mummification-
Egypt- 3,500 BC....."Artificial" Mummies began 3,000 BC
Chinchoros- 5,000 BC
Paloma- 4,000 BC
Alaska (Aleutians)- 250 years old mumies found
Anasazi- as early as 100 AD
Papa New Guinea-????
Inca- 1,100-1,500 AD
China (Takla Makan Mummies) 3000 yrs. old*
*Note- The mummies from China were not of Chinese origin, they had long reddish-blond hair, European features and many archaeologists believe that these were part of an ancient civilization that existed at the crossroads  between China and Europe.
Go Here-
Myths, Religion, Legends-
Interestingly enough, many of the ancient civilizations around the world have similar beliefs.
*Most ancient civilizations had similar if not the same Creation Myths as well as Destruction Myths.
*Most had similar if not the same Gods & Goddesses, usually changing the names and varying the story somewhat in order to try and make them unique.
*The Maya, Aztecs, and Egyptians believed that a Large Caucasian, that was bearded, had long hair (possibly white hair and beard), and wore long robes, taught them their technologies, and would one day come back to them.  There are similarities in other civilizations to this story as well.
Timeline of Ancient Civilizations-
These are some of the ancient civilizations and the times listed next to them are the time which they are thought to have began.  I believe that all civilizations if not most of them are or were part of an ancient lost civilization (Atlantis or Lemuria?? who knows).  And recent discoveries that are being made all over the world, such as Japan and Cuba, illustrate my point.  These cities that have sunk beneath the sea, are thought to be older than any other known civilization on earth, and they apparently were quite advanced.
The Lost Civilization-????
Japan- 8000 B.C. ?
Cuba- 6000 B.C. ?
Mohenjo Daro- 8000 B.C.?
Sumer/Mesopotamia- 5000 B.C.
Egypt- 3000 B.C.
India/Indus Valley- 3200 B.C.
Olmec- 1800 B.C.
Maya- 2600 B.C.
Aztec- 1300-1519 A.D.
Toltec- 10th-12th Century A.D.
Inca- 1200 B.C.
*If I have missed anything, be it Civilizations or points that should be made please let me know and I will add them!! Contact me at-
More Mysteries of the Ancient World:
*Near Rio de Janeiro, high on a vertical wall of rock- 3,000 feet up- is an inscription that reads: 'Tyre, Phoenicia, Badezir, Firstborn of Jethbaal...' and it was dated to the middle of the Ninth Century B.C.
*In the Mayan ruins of Palenque, a stone sarcophagus was found that is very much in the style of the ancient Phoenicians, and the Death Mask is very similar to those placed upon the Pharaohs of Egypt, and there are striking similarities of how the tomb in Palenque was decorated and laid out, with that of the Egyptian tombs.
*The Stone Balls of Costa Rica-
Some measure 9 feet in diameter and weigh 30 tons; some are the size of grapefruits.  Many are near-perfect spheres, within 2 millimeters.  Three large and aligned spheres point to Easter Island-which has its own collection of spheres.  A man by the name of George Erikson believes that these spheres are more than 12,000 year old relics from an ancient and technologically advanced sea-faring culture that has been lost to us.
*The Dogons-
*The Dogu Statues of Japan-
Here is a Link to the Similar Pyramids built by the Ancient Civilizations that I discussed earlier:
A Lot More Coming Soon!!

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